Food Safety Manual



Food Safety Plan    (Condensed Version)

A – Introduction

This plan is a written set of procedures to ensure that health hazards do not occur in the receiving and storage of food service products.

The plan begins with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Everything has a standard operating procedure for the product, from coming in the door from the supplier to being sold to the customer.

  • Business License/ Operating permit is posted in a conspicuous place.
  • One employee on site must hold a certificate, certified by a health official, for the completion of Food Safe or its equivalent.

B — Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)        

All of our procedures are outlined as follows:

Ordering and Receiving

  • All foods come only from approved suppliers.
  • Order only what is needed, keeping enough on hand for demand.
  • Be sure food is delivered as it should be at the appropriate temperature, e.g

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    . Frozen food should be frozen.

  • Check quality of produce, and condition of tins and boxes. Dented tins or boxes that are broken exposing food are rejected and will be returned to the supplier for credit.
  • Dates will be checked and verified e.g. Milk, Pop


  • All potentially hazardous foods must immediately be stored in the cooler/freezer upon delivery.
  • Walk-in or Reach-in cooler must be organized in sections.
  • Raw meat or eggs should be on the bottom and ready to eat foods should be above.
  • Vegetables should be in an appropriate location based on type of vegetable.
  • Always use the FIFO (First In, First Out) system of stock rotation.

Equipment Maintenance                                            

  • Fridge and freezer are monitored constantly to ensure the proper temperatures are maintained. Temperatures are recorded daily and fridges and freezers are alarmed. Coolers are held at less than 4°C and freezers are less than or at -18°C.
  • Be sure to properly maintain and sanitize all equipment and surfaces.
  • Packaged Foods with Expiry Dates
  • Foods are always checked for shelf life upon receiving. Products without appropriate shelf life are returned to suppliers for credit.
  • Check milk daily when stocking for sales. Milk should be pulled one day before expiry and used for immediate consumption.

Handling and Transfer of Foods                                               

  • All transfer of foods will occur in the appropriate vehicle of transfer, i.e., refrigerated truck for foods requiring refrigeration.
  • Spot check temperatures of food upon arrival if required by client.

Revised December 2014